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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The TV Book Club - The Legacy

Episode 3 of The TV Book Club on Channel 4 discussed Katherine Webb's debut novel, The Legacy, a story entwining the lives of two women from the same family born too far apart in time ever to have met but still powerfully connected by actions and their consequences. The book moves between Oklahoma in the 1900s to a manor house in present-day Wiltshire and explores how the effects of decisions and actions across the generations. The writer, Katherine Webb, in an interview for the programme says, "If something goes wrong, you need to deal with it, not run away from it. If you run away from it, it will come after you." This episode of The TV Book Club can be viewed on the programme's website.

While still writing her book, Katherine Webb posted the opening chapters on the peer review website,, and it was very positive comments by readers there that caught the publisher's attention. To find out more about the website, go here.

The Legacy is published by Orion. You can watch a video clip of Katherine Webb talking about her book by clicking here.

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