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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Song of Lunch

The most unexpected bit of information for me to come from last Thursday's poetry reading at Oxfam Marylebone (see my post on 12 July) was that filming is underway of Christopher Reid's narrative poem, The Song of Lunch. Novels, plays, comic books, even operas sometimes provide inspiration for the movie industry, but poetry hardly ever. The dramatisation, being made by the BBC to mark National Poetry Day on 7 October, stars Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.

The Song of Lunch tells the story of a disgruntled London book editor and failed writer who has arranged to meet up with a former girlfriend, now living a glamorous life in Paris. He has chosen the Soho restaurant which, 15 years before, they used to frequent. Will things develop as he hopes?

Christopher Reid won last year's Costa prizes for best poetry book and also the overall best book for A Scattering, the very moving account of his wife's death.

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